Benefits: Drive sales


Raise your revenue


Capcon helps your business raise performance on many fronts; numerous operational standards can be improved and profit margins maximised – through better stock management procedures, for instance. But our input can also help you actually increase sales revenue.

We provide business critical analysis that measures performance and quantifies the potential for sales improvement, helping you to identify and evaluate opportunities.

As a simple example of what can be achieved, we typically see a doubling of upsell rates upon introduction of a new reward scheme. Increasing revenue is about more than customer spend though. Nurturing repeat business is crucial too, so our techniques ensure that staff reward programmes don’t result in customers feeling pressured.

Let Capcon help you develop new and innovative sales techniques. We can even run training and incentive programmes to speed roll out across your business.

A national hotel company asked for our help in measuring the success of previous sales promotions and in developing new ones. Using the stock data that we had at our fingertips, we were able to determine the most successful activity in terms of volume and profit. This data led to a change in the way promotions were run and increased business profitability.

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