Benefits: Eliminate malpractice


Act decisively to prevent losses


To maximise operational efficiency, it’s vital that any malpractice is identified and eliminated from your business. Capcon brings service expertise, a confidential approach and - just as importantly – the experience and sensitivity, to detect fraud, theft and malpractice reliably and quickly.

Malpractice can take many forms, from a variety of financial mismanagement issues like cash handling or revenue declaration, to stock manipulation or the abuse of brand standards. You may well be aware of losses, but unable to pinpoint the direct cause or individuals responsible – or to obtain the necessary evidence. Capcon can help.

We can brief and send in high calibre mystery guests to observe and report on what they find. In conjunction with this, we carry out a programme of regular compliance audits, to provide a complete operational picture. By benchmarking your performance against industry norms, we quickly highlight anything that warrants further attention.

At Capcon we’re well versed in the evidential standards necessary for possible disciplinary hearings or legal proceedings, and our professionals will be available to give evidence if required. In practice, the independence and quality of our reports often renders proceedings unnecessary.

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