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InvestigationsSometimes the source of a problem, whether revealed by our audits or based on a series of suspicions on the grapevine, needs tracking down. Capcon’s specialist Investigations division provides the discrete, expert support to do this.

We help you to uncover the facts and take appropriate action. For instance, we can provide support for disciplinary procedures, uncover malpractice, or check that you are not paying people who have left the company.

Confidentiality is the bedrock of everything we do, and is paramount in protecting your integrity and reputation. To deliver a high quality service, we operate with specialist personnel drawn from relevant professions including law enforcement, legal, accountancy, insurance, hotels and food and beverage. We even provide a 24 hour crisis line, so you can always call on our support.

On completion of an assignment we recommend the systems and processes needed to prevent any recurrence of the issue, helping you to ensure the future protection of your business and its assets.

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