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Capcon gives clients easy access to a joined-up range of specialist corporate services spanning audit & stocktaking, commercial intelligence, investigations and surveillance. Managing Director, Marcus Jones, leads the company.

Profile: Marcus Jones, Managing Director

Marcus worked in the hotel and leisure industry for over 15 years before joining Capcon in 1998. His hotel operation expertise underpins the insightful approaches he brings to clients’ audit and due diligence challenges. Marcus regularly provides training and consultations with senior operational management teams, reviewing and improving their business controls.

Our Team

Our specialist personnel are drawn from a wide range of professional backgrounds. These include people with experience of the law enforcement, legal, accountancy, insurance, hotels and food and beverage professions.

Our relationships and close collaborations with clients are what really set us apart from our competitors. We deliver high quality services that are tightly and expertly tailored to your business – and we maintain contact, regularly reviewing and refining solutions to maximise service value to you.

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