An effective business partner


If your business needs specialist services and support to diminish business risk and grow profitability, you’ll find Capcon to be a highly effective partner.

From compliance audits and mystery visits to training, stocktaking and investigations, we understand your sector and can provide exactly what’s required to achieve tangible results. Our commitment to a partnership approach means we develop an in-depth understanding of your challenges – and tailor services precisely to your needs.

Boosting performance and addressing risk are ongoing business issues. So Capcon’s services are most effective when used on a systematic basis. That’s how we continue to deliver real value to many well-known brands, mainly in the following sectors: Hotels; Pubs; Restaurants; Holiday Parks; Public Transport; Leisure Centres; Airports and Airlines.

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Our Clients

Our Clients

See some of the leading brands that use Capcon to minimise risk, elimate waste and grow profit ...»

Case Studies

  • Welcome Break
    Safeguarding Investments

    Welcome Break has gained greater business control with Capcon. High quality management information is delivered regularly as part of a bespoke audit programme. ...»

  • Scottish Newcastle
    Improve franchise management

    Scottish and Newcastle’s operations include a network of independent partners. Capcon has enabled S&N to enhance management processes and add value to franchisee services. ...»