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Specialist stock control support


StocktakingEffective stock control impacts everything from customer satisfaction to efficiency and profit margins. Capcon brings extensive expertise to this process, with specialist knowledge across liquor, food, leisure and retail based operations.

By involving us in your stocktaking, you gain information and valuable insights on a range of key performance indicators, including gross margin by product, purchase details and cost prices, adherence to stocking policy and more.

The effective management of central storage areas is essential, and we can review these, too. We’ll immediately highlight any issues that could impact local stock results. The systems and reporting that Capcon introduces deliver an unparalleled degree of stock transparency and control.

Our easy to use Electronic Cellar Management System provides new levels of stock transfer control, with up-to-date theoretical balances. It allows any authorised user to go in, run a report and check cellar stock.

Capcon’s stocktaking services help you to maximise accuracy, improve supplier negotiations, highlight variances, reveal profitability and use tactical promotions.

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